Sundays @ 7pm
Savage Yoga Studio

Close out your week by treating yourself to Skye's Sunday night RESET yoga class - a heated, 60-minute yin-inspired journey designed to calm your mind, release tension, and shed anything that no longer serves you.

As you enter the warmth of the infrared-heated studio, set intentionally to 95 degrees, you're enveloped in a cocoon-like environment that allows your body to open and unwind. Skye's nurturing guidance encourages you to tune inward as she leads you through an intuitively sequenced practice.

Using supportive props like blocks and straps, you'll move with purposeful intention, syncing breath to movement. Skye will guide you into a variety of postures that target your connective tissues, melting away blockages and restoring range of motion. Her intuitive hands-on adjustments ensure proper alignment.

As the practice transitions, you'll surrender into a sumptuous savasana, letting restorative sounds and therapeutic aromatherapy wrap you in sensory relaxation. Emerge feeling renewed - your mind settled, your spirit brightened, and your body prepared to embrace the week ahead with grace.

Open to all levels, this weekly session provides a space to go inward, shed your external layers, and reconnect with your truest self. Come experience the profound release and rejuvenation of Skye's Sunday Hot Long Slow Deep Yoga class. No prior yoga experience is required - just an open mind and body.




Mondays @ 8:15am 
Gypsea Air Yoga

Are you ready to ignite your week with energy, empowerment and full-body rejuvenation? Join Skye for Monday Motivation - a dynamic 60-minute fusion experience unlike any other!

This powerful class harmonizes the precision of Pilates, the intensity of strength training, the creative expression of embodied movement, and the mindfulness of yoga postures into one exhilarating, holistic practice. Wave goodbye to Monday blahs as you flow through sequences carefully designed to tone and sculpt from head to toe.

With upbeat energy and motivating curated playlists, Skye will guide you through effective compound exercises using blocks and weighted props to challenge your core, glutes, legs, and arms. But this isn't just another grueling workout - it's a unique opportunity to connect with your body's strength as you build heat, flexibility, and control.

Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, Skye's Monday Motivation welcomes you. Adjust the intensity to your level as you explore empowering movements that leave you feeling vibrantly alive. Build unshakable confidence and reclaim your innate power!

Let Skye's Monday Motivation be your weekly catalyst for growth, transformation and overall bodily celebration. Invest in yourself and get empowered for an exceptional week. Join this one-of-a-kind fitness party starting Monday!




Mondays @ 930am
Gypsea Air Yoga


Begin your week with deep rejuvenation at Skye's Monday Gentle yoga class. This 60-minute practice guides you into a state of profound calm through yin-inspired stretches, breath work, and restorative relaxation.

Skye welcomes you to slow down and tune inward as she leads you through a simple, but powerfully sequenced practice. Using supportive props like bolsters, blocks, and straps, you'll gently move your body with purposeful intention while syncing movements to your natural breath rhythm. 

In the tranquil atmosphere, surrender into long-held yin postures that target your connective tissues, releasing chronic tension from deep within the body. Skye's intuitive hands-on adjustments and nurturing guidance ensure proper alignment.

As the practice winds down, you'll blissfully transition into an extended savasana. Enveloped in harmonious sound healing, therapeutic aromatherapy, and Skye's soothing vocal prompts, your entire being settles into a state of integrated stillness. Emerge from this weekly ritual feeling centered, rejuvenated, and ready to move through your week with grace and clarity.

Open to all levels, from yoga nurtures to beginners, this class provides an unparalleled respite to re-set your mind and re-energize your spirit. Begin your journey to an elevated experience of presence and peace every Monday with Skye.