About the brand

Our Crystal Shop

At The Nurtured Spirit, we source high frequency minerals intended to be used as vibrational medicine.

Our stones assist with balancing energetic frequencies, expanding consciousness, deepening our connection with our divine inner wisdom, and allow for manifestation to easily occur.

Our Crystal Process


Twice a year we travel in search of high vibrational crystals from all around the world. Our founder, Skye has a unique relationship with the mineral kingdom where she can tune in and intuitively select crystals that are in agreement to work with her and assist our clients.

Each of our crystals and minerals undergoes a unique cleansing process where we release and transmute any unsupportive energies that may have accumulated over time.

We respect and honor each of our stones and take extra care of how they wish to be used, placed or cleansed.

About the Founder

Meet Skye

“My intention is to empower, guide and assist others, to offer healing crystals that are mindfully sourced and energetically cleansed, and to share wisdom that aids our health and wellness at all levels of our being.”

– Skye, Founder