7 Days of Conscious Self Care

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Image Credit: Steve Besserman
2020 brought many unexpected events into our lives.
Fear, confusion, chaos and abrupt changes have caused many of us to feel stressed, triggered, depleted, uncentered and shaken by the uncertainty of our world. And self care may no longer be at the top of our day to day to do list.
Let's get back on track together through a Free 7 Day Self Care Series. This 7 day series will empower you to focus your awareness within to nourish your Mind, Body, and Spirit. My intention is to provide you loving guidance and wisdom that offers daily supportive protocols for shifting your energy from lower vibrational frequencies such as hopelessness, anger, fear, to higher vibrational frequencies of hope, love, joy, compassion and gratitude.
This Free 7 Day Self Care Series will leave you GROUNDED, CLEANSED, UPLIFTED, ALIGNED and REJUVENATED.
Let's do this together. Join me on the journey.
With love and gratitude, 
SKYE –Founder of The Nurtured Spirit

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