Smudging With Palo Santo

Image Credit: Carley Rudd

l love working with Palo Santo. I find it’s scent to be extremely soothing and it’s one of my favorite protocols for energetically cleansing my self and my space. It’s easy to travel with which makes it nice when vacationing or while away from home. It’s a wonderful mosquito repellent too!

I like to smudge with Palo Santo once a week, but it really depends on how I’m feeling and who’s been in my space. Sometimes family or friends will unintentionally leave behind their energies, so I recommend smudging your space after hosting a gathering or event. Smudging is also beneficial when moving into a new home, bringing home a newborn, after an argument, a stressful day at work, or simply when you’re feeling off. I often tell people to do what feels right for them. Whether it’s once a week, month or everyday… do what resonates with you.

Image Credit: Carley Rudd

Here are some of the steps I follow when smudging with Palo Santo.

First, I like to make sure my space is clean and tidy before getting started. This step is essential for me. A cluttered home blocks the flow of energy and I am very sensitive to it. I feel more balanced and harmonious when a space is clutter free.

Next, I’ll open the windows to allow fresh air to flow in and out. On occasion, I’ll feel guided to leave the windows closed in order to really fill up the space with the Palo Santo aroma. It’s not often I do that, but if you do be careful not to set off any smoke detectors. 

Once these two things are complete, I’m ready to light a Palo Santo stick. My preferred method for lighting Palo Santo is by using the burner on the stove. However, a candle works nicely too. I carefully light the end of the Palo Santo stick for 30 to 60 seconds before blowing the fire out. While lighting the Palo Santo I call in my guides to ground and assist me as well as state my intention.

After the fire is out and the Palo Santo stick is smoking, I’ll smudge my self to clear my energy field. Then, I begin smudging around the perimeter of my home while saying something along the lines of– “Any and all energy that opposes the highest vibration of love and light must leave my space immediately...Please fill this space with peaceful, healing vibrations."

While smudging your space be sure to get in and clear the corners of a room because they collect and hold stagnant energy. Once I’m done smudging a space, I’ll finish the entire process with cleansing my energy field and leave the stick to naturally burn out on a safe surface. There’s nothing like a clean space, both energetically and physically!

In my experience, every space is different and so are the methods used in clearing them. I use my intuition to help guide me, whether it’s a specific room to start in or direction to move throughout the space. Crystals, singing bowls and bells are powerful tools to use in conjunction with Palo Santo.

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