Cleansing Your Crystal: Why It's Important

                                                                                   Image: Carley Rudd

Gemstones and minerals emit energy, but not everyone is aware that many of them also ABSORB energy. They take on both positive (high vibration) and negative (low vibration) energy from their environment, other crystals, and anyone who comes into contact with them. They do not need to be physically touched in order for an energy exchange to occur.

How many people have exchanged energy with your stone before it made its way to you?

Every crystal and mineral has a unique story. However, they tend to follow a similar path before you ever come into possession of them.





Gemstones are formed deep beneath the earth. They undergo a unique process of crystallization that can date back MILLIONS of years.

Once a stone is mined from earth, their path travels through wholesaler distributors, manufacturers, and resellers before they reach you, the consumer.

Whether you purchase from a store, trade show, online dealer, wellness studio, or received it as a gift, one thing is certain: There have been NUMEROUS exchanges of energy at each location before your stone made it to you.

Why does this matter?

When a crystal or mineral isn’t cleansed and you bring it into your space, you can be negatively impacted by ALL the energy it has stored. It can cause disturbances in your personal space, as well as on your physical, mental, and emotional state of being.  Every person has a unique sensitivity to energy, and because of this, what you experience will vary.

Personally, when I’m exposed to unclean crystals and minerals I can feel ungrounded and extreme fatigue. Low vibration stones completely drain my energy. It’s absolutely VITAL I cleanse them before bringing them into my space or work with them. 

It’s important to understand that your crystal and minerals will continue to be impacted from your energy and environment. By cleansing the energetic footprint of your crystals and minerals from time to time, you’re clearing and releasing the dense, heavy energies held within. This will greatly assist in maintaining it’s beneficial properties to enhance and support your space and wellbeing.



    If you’d like more information on cleansing your crystal and/or having it attuned to your specific needs, I invite you to book a CRYSTAL CONSULTATION.